Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kicking the Starbucket

So if you are a Starbucker you probably know that ALL (yes, EVERY) Starbucks closed today around 5:30PM for training. SO, what's a caffeine addict to do? Well, for a few hours I kicked the habit but then I fell off Juan Valdez's burro wagon. I dug out my Nespresso Aeroccino and made a sweet delicious cuppa cappu(ccino) all in the comfort of my own home! I had forgotten how well the Aeroccino froths milk (cold lowfat froths the very best--whole milk and half & half do not foam much at all). Check out this short video clip I made tonight that shows how easy the frother is to use and how wonderful the end result is. I think I may have to have another. And that will be me blog lurking at 3AM.


Anonymous said...

I want one, sugar on the rim - YUM.

Anonymous said...

good video quality

Anonymous said...

But, wasn't SB's service the next day so much better! Just ask Roman... he's still awake.

-- Cheb

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