Saturday, July 12, 2008

Steal this Recipe (I Did!)

I made these stuffed jalapenos today and they are delicious! I didn't think I would be that crazy about them, but knew the Mister would eat them. I was half right. He loved them and I ate about 20. I ate so many this afternoon that they were basically my dinner. I wasn't hungry again until dessert! They really aren't that hot and spicy--rather mild and sweet when the jalapeno roasts in the oven. And what can be wrong with anything that's wrapped in bacon?

The recipe couldn't be easier. I found the recipe (along with a ton of other excellent ones) at The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. The PW blogged a few days ago how she made hundreds of these for a big 4th of July bash (and how she ate a zillion of them, too).

If we were fifteen years old, you would be text messaging this after you tried these:

OMG these R 2 die 4. U R my BFF! TTFN.
Stuffed Jalapenos
Cut jalapenos in half and seed. Smear softened cream cheese in the jalapenos. Wrap snugly with half slice of bacon. Cook on rack (so bacon grease drains) on a cookie sheet for 30-35 mins at 400 degrees. That's it!

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