Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I love to collect rocks from my travels. I have rocks from Europe and Africa and Alaska in a glass bowl and I love to look at them and touch them. This small rock in the photo above looks just like a baby's foot. With the big toe sticking up and flat arch, it just makes me want to tickle it and play "this little piggy". It is also kind of weird and morose---like it belongs in a jar of formaldehyde or something. I am not sure if feet have life lines that can be read like palms. If they do, then for sure this little foot says it will grow up to be a fine size 10.

These pebbles are actually made of felt. The artist, from the Netherlands, has a great Etsy store here. I also found another neat tutorial on how to felt a larger rock that can be used as a door stop here.

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