Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pride and Cake

I am very proud of my daughter. Wudgie's mother has had some life-changing experiences lately and she is handling them so well. She has grown from a darling and adorable little girl into a strong and beautiful young woman. Yup, just a little proud.

While growing up, she was never really interested in the "domestic arts" and it just thrills me now that she is starting to express a genuine interest in cooking, baking and other housekeeping skills. So when she asked if she could bake a cake at my house yesterday, I was all over it. And she didn't want a mix cake, it was to be a real cake...from scratch.

We searched through recipes and looked on ingredient boxes at the grocery store. She came up with this chocolate cake from the Hershey's cocoa powder box. And although the recipe includes their own chocolate icing, she has already exhibited the fine art of "tweaking" recipes and decided on the buttercream on the Domino's 10X sugar box.

Out came the trusty Kitchen Aid mixer, a variety of spoons, spatulas, bowls, racks and pans. She measured carefully, fretted over the consistency of the batter (this recipe makes a VERY thin batter- but they tell you that!), paced during the cooking and hurried the cooling time. The results? Absolute perfection. On her first try. A very moist chocolatey cake and a creamy sweet frosting. Classic and delicious.

I won't talk about who did the clean up.


Me on phone: Hi Honey, you coming over soon?

Daughter: Maybe later. I'm busy right now.

Me: Watcha doin?

Daughter: Baking muffins from scratch to take to work tomorrow.

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