Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lighting Up My Life

I love lamps and interior lighting. When we remodeled our home last fall, we were able to replace all of our lighting and lamps. We went for a simple, clean line and found a lot of what we liked in the George Kovacs line. Very minimalist, very functional and very reasonably priced (for lighting). Here are a few photos from around the house.

George Kovacs in the Dining Room. The stainless steel bar slides up and down allowing for different heights of the line of lights.

George Kovacs in the Master Bathroom. He's everywhere.

George Kovacs at our bedside...great reading lights, too. This style light is sometimes called a "marriage-saver".

From Ikea--love the pattern it throws on the wall of the family room

This paper shade lamp on the master bedroom dresser is an Isamu Noguchi tower. I love the delicate little feet and the soft glow from the pleated rice paper shade.

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potatomamma said...

Neat designer lamps!

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