Thursday, August 28, 2008

Historical or Hysterical?

I have plans to drag out my sewing machine and start creating with fabric again. I ordered a neat little folding table from here that I can leave up in the study rather than set up (and then take down) all my stuff on the dining room table like I usually do.

Anyway, back to my story for today. I went to the fabric store yesterday to look for patterns. Probably will start back sewing with a simple tote bag as I have some natural linen and a vintage cotton that will look great together in this Amy Butler sort of way. Or maybe something like this soft little baby doll in a bag from Turkey Feathers.

OK Back to my story. Again. So while I was looking through the pattern books, I came across this collection from Simplicity in the costumes section of their Fall book. Called the Historical Costume Collection, they have patterns for 7 different eras- from the Renaissance to the Late 19th Century. The sewing looks pretty elaborate (how to they get the hips to puff out like that? Do they still sell crinolines or whatever that slip thing was?) and here are a few of my favs:

OK, where do you buy a wig like that? It's really the hair that pulls this look off.

How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Whoa, that's a lot of taffeta.

My favorite. It reminds me of drapes. Sort of what Scarlett did in GWTW. Although I think that was a little number in green.

And of course, they have a pattern for sewing your own undergarments. Still no explanation of the hip thing. Not that I really need any extra poufiness there anyway!

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