Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks

Speaking of birds. I love cuckoo clocks. I don't have one and probably never will as the sound of the cuckoo all day/all night would drive the Mister crazy (hey....on second thought....nah). I know that most good cuckoo clocks have mechanisms to turn the sound off or to go in to a silent "night mode" but then what is the sense of having a cuckoo clock in the first place if it doesn't cuckoo for you? Huh?

Given my new found modern taste, I found a few contemporary cuckoos that are interesting, like the one above. And here's a great traditional look in a wall decal. Again, no cuckoo sound, so why bother, but it looks pretty.

I'm still in love with my iPhone and still want all things Mac. And here's another reason. A cuckoo clock program for Mac OS. I can't find anything similar for PC.

There are lots of cuckoo clock "things" out there, too. Like charms, christmas ornaments and so on. One of the cutest things I found are these cuckoo clock sweater clips from Hannah.

Imagine "Hey lady, it's one o'clock and your chest is singing out".

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