Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Diary

I love journals and have kept one, on and off (OK mostly off for the past 20 years), forever. I like the mechanical aspect of putting pen to paper---analog in a digital world things.

Totally and instantly inspired by Marieke (she's newly Parisian from Amsterdam) at Treats and Treasures blog that I found yesterday, I went through my supply closet and dug out a sketch book, a glue stick and watercolor pencils and went to it last night.

I am known as a "meeting doodler" around my office and those sitting around me often judge the meetings length and success by my doodles. Two pages of doodles? meeting too long. Intricate doodles with tight lines? meeting too intense. Fruit doodles? meeting ran over into lunch. Flower doodles? meeting just right.

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