Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. (not so) Goodbar

I love milk chocolate. Real milk chocolate. So sweet and creamy with a nice melt and texture in my mouth, courtesy of the real cocoa butter in the recipe. So imagine the HORROR (Oh, the horror!!) of finding out that Hershey's has changed the formula of some of their most beloved products. They no longer use cocoa butter in my go-to in the afternoons for a little pick up: Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Milk Duds and Kissables, among others. They are using greasy yucky vegetable oil instead. It's choco-NOT! It's MOCKolate!

I knew a few weeks ago that something was different in my bag of Hershey's miniatures that I keep stashed at the office (well, its not always the same bag , it gets replaced at least twice a week...or it was, anyway...not any more!). A waxy consistency and a weird aftertaste. Then I saw a spot on the Today show about the outrage and found this at Candyblog that confirmed it. Seems its all about the money.

What can we do about it? Send a message to Hershey's here and let them know how you feel about them messing with perfection!

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