Saturday, September 13, 2008


I love pashminas. I use the term "pashmina" as a catch-all name for all things shawl-like even though the name is supposed to be specific to a goat's hair blend woven shawl.

I have quite a collection of pashminas.
Mostly an unintended collection. I am usually freezing in airports and have forgotten to bring one of my pashminas and then run in to the nearest Bijoux store on the concourse and buy another one.

I am traveling in a few weeks and hope I remember to throw one I already have in my carry-on bag. Or maybe I need a new one----perhaps a pumpkin orange color.

Here's a great video from Travelista on how to wear a pashmina for that sophisticated European look. I usually just toss mine over my shoulders and away I go.

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