Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding

First let me say....ahhhhhhh my internet connection is back! Posting from the iPhone was OK for an "emergency" but this is more like it. Something about a splitter gone bad and more power to the TVs than to the computer.

Another Tuesday is here and another success from Tuesdays with Dorie. This week: Arborio Rice Pudding. Arborio rice is a short and wide grained rice that is makes its famous appearance in Risotto. It is also perfect for pudding. I "played around" with the recipe just a wee bit and added a layer of soaked plump raisins and a few grates of fresh nutmeg.

Some TWD bakers listed issues with the printed recipe---pudding stayed soupy. Dorie Greenspan herself stopped by the TWD blog and let us know of a printing error---the pudding had to cook for 55 minutes instead of 35 as printed. Thanks, Dorie!


Eileen said...

Yum....sounds good. Glad to see your computer back up. Yea !

Tami said...

Computers can be so frustrating sometimes, can't they? Glad you're back up and running again!

Your rice pudding looks beautiful. Your presentation is so pretty!

Engineer Baker said...

A layer of raisins and nutmeg sounds like a perfect way to jazz things up - yum!

janis said...

Hi Stevi,
Thank you for the comment on my blog, and I will definitely check out "Lars" - I need a good movie!

Your blog is WONDERFUL, I will be back!

Marthe said...

Wow, this looks great!! Even to a rice pudding hater like myself... :)

Thanks for entering my Sinterklaas giveaway!

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