Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TWD: Linzer Sables

A quick TWD post before I head to the airport for Tulsa. This week's Linzer Sables were....interesting. I am not sure what I did wrong, but the entire batch only produced 4 filled sandwich cookies and they were very hard, gritty, brittle and tasted like a dental preparation. I think I overdid the cloves and the cookies tasted like Anbesol. I also may have rolled the dough too thick as a lot of TWD bakers commented that the 1/4" that Dorie's recipe called for was too thick. I used a pretty snowflake cookie cutter and dusted with powdered sugar. Had I been succesful baking these cookies, they would have/should have been beautiful and tasty. They were neither.

Oh well, the raspberry jam was good!


Engineer Baker said...

Sad! Your snowflake one looks wonderful, but maybe the nut meal needed to be finer? Maybe a different recipe will be kinder to you. And remember, there's always next week!

Megan said...

Oh how sad - cookies that taste like anbesol is NOT a good thing.

Better luck next week!!

HoneyB said...

Have a safe trip! Sorry they didn't turn out for you.

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