Saturday, February 21, 2009

Datum Erratum

One of the great job assignments I have is to lead a terrific team in preparing our organization's annual report. We strive to be creative yet responsible to our mission and I am always on the lookout for new ideas. Here's an amazing one.

Nicholas Feltron is a designer in NYC and for the past 3 years has produced his own personal annual report. It's a very clever collection of everyday information collected in his life and then presented in an amazing format. The 2008 edition has tables and graphs on transportation modes used, dining and drinking (love the 1 Thanksgiving tequila shot and the disclaimer) and great timelines and maps. And I just love the 2008 color presentation.

Here's what his year in transortation included: 366 days of walking, 545 subway trips, 107 taxis, 12 flights, 19 buses, 38 chairlifts, 20 days of driving, 46 trips with other drivers, 64 visitis to the gym, three pools, an ocean, one hayride and 62 hours of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Feltron (perfect name) has developed a personal data collection application that is in private beta testing now. In case you want to track your own doings. I signed up for an invitation.

Here's what I predict my annual report would look like.
This chart is titled "Where did the money go?"

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Eileen said...

Too funny- most of ours goes to bills so that's not hard to figure. But knowing how many days I went to the pool or how many cups/days of coffee might be interesting. And encouraging to do more or less of.

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