Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've Been Steampunk'd!

I learned a new term today: Steampunk.

Steampunk is "Goth, Punk, Geek, and Maker Culture whipped into a delicious melange with a healthy seasoning of political and environmental activism. It's the intersection of science and romance, it's sustainable rebellion."

I had to look up Maker Culture, too.

This is how my cultural lesson for today went:

1. I read a short article in our local paper on a new high-end model home that opened here in town. It described the lighting in the dining room as an "armillary chandelier". I didn't know what that was so I googled. This is an example of an armillary chandelier.

2. In reading some of the google hits, I kept coming across the term "Steampunk". As in a cultural or subcultural movement that includes recycling and repurposing and just neat stuff. I clicked on this site and then went to The Steampunk Home. Mad scientist meets interior decorator. Dr. Strangelove goes on safari Out of Africa. Frankenstein wears Ralph Lauren. Makes me want to say "lah-bore-a-torie".

3. I then read that Steampunk is now considered lame and over with. So yesterday. A day late and a bunch of cool short. Don't tell that to Pottery Barn!

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