Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rock On

I love my wood floors. We have wood floors in every room except the master bath. They are beautiful and add such warmth and a look to our home that no other flooring could match. They are also a source of anxiety. About scratching and gouging and other wood floor disasters. Everything, and I do mean everything (even the willow laundry baskets) that comes in contact with the floor has felt pads on it's bottom.

Which brings me to my question. How do people that have wood floors have rocking chairs and not end up with scratched floors? If I could figure that out I would so buy this rocking chair. It's on sale at Modern Dose. I would buy it in orange.

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Eileen said...

My oldest has wood floor- just downstairs in their home. They had a dog and now a toddler and seem to do fine. I grew up back east and always had wood floors- being where it got cold Mom always had area rugs in the center with just the edges showing. If you were really worried about it- you could put a pretty little rug under it. Probably not too helpful- but hope it made you feel better. Seen the rockers on sale on AT.

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