Monday, June 15, 2009

I can.

After being inspired by this great NY Times article on the gaining popularity of home canning amongst the whole/local food movement, I "put up" some condiments this weekend. 9 pints of Spicy Cranberry Ketchup (omg delicious) and 8 pints of Berry Jumble Jam (a mix of organic blackberries and organic red raspberries---a little runny, but very tasty). Recipes are from this book from the canning equipment people at Ball.

If you read the NY Times article, you'll see this written about one of the mavens of the home canning movement, Eugenia Bone: "She doesn’t decorate her jars with calico, or stick charming labels on them, and is unconcerned about the color of her asparagus and the occasional overcooked batch of artichoke hearts." I didn't follow that canning philosophy. But before I dressed my product up in cotton and twine, I took them out for a walk in the garden and posed them in the flower planters. (see web header photo for proof!).

There is something so satisfying to go through the canning process and end up with a pantry full of delicious goodness.

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