Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blog Crush

I have a blog crush. I heart Pleasant View Schoolhouse and Anna's chronicles of her family, baking and sewing. All from her 1920's schoolhouse-turned-home. Her photos (and those taken by her son, Giles) are quite remarkable. Anna seems to live in a different era and has a retro wardrobe (that she makes) to go right along with the lifestyle. If you visit her blog, be sure to spend some time going through the archives and you'll get a real sense of how accomplished her children are and how dedicated she is to creating an incredible sense of home and style for them. And let me know if you develop a blog crush, too.

And some news from Good to be Home: look for a little give away coming soon!

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Heidi K. Rettig said...

I also love Anna's blog - there are very few that I can read over and over (especially mine!) without getting sick of their spiel. Something about Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse is just really reassuring - like a step into another world.

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