Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Not Right

This is so wrong.  I bet after a few weeks it becomes a clothes rack for Barbie outfits and the little girl (aged 3-7 but less than 150 lbs) gets to start her life long obsession with her body image.  Also available from this company:  mini air walker and weight-press sets.  At least they show a little boy on the exercise bike.

Style Information #9201

*The Treadmill is a terrific way for children to have fun while getting the extra benefits of a safe and healthy activity based recreation.

*Low impact workout

*Safe for kids because it is self-propelled, not motorized

*Auto ON (starts when child begins to exercise)/OFF (if not signal is four for 4 minutes, it automatically shuts off)

*Odometer features: Time (minutes: seconds), Speed (km/h or mi/h), Distance (km or mi), Calorie display (KCal), Odometer - Total distance.

*Assembled dimensions: 41" H x 36 5/8" x 37 3/8" L

*For children ages 3-7

*Not intended for use by children over 150 lbs. or over 3.7 feet tall

*Some assembly required (Tools are included with product - wrench and Phillips screwdriver)

Brand: Redmon

1 comment:

Heidi K. Rettig said...

I see your point - because the only person that is going to buy this for their kid is some crazy exer-rexic...but in theory, it could work for the sedentary, overweight family.

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