Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aroma from Barcelona

Now that you have tried the Glazed Wings from yesterday's posting (you did, right?), you have probably realized all that soy sauce baking in the oven leaves a very strong smell lingering in your kitchen and beyond. I am usually hyperaware of smells in my house and always try to keep some kind of air freshener or scented candle thing going on. The trouble with air fresheners is that they can be very artifical or chemical smelling and if they arent, then they seem to lose their smell punch after a short time. And candles can't be left unattended in my house---just like loose change, anything chocolate and small children. So I am always on the lookout for products that need little attention and maintenance and smell good.

I love these reed diffusers from Alora Ambiance. My favorite scent is "caldo". It is a subtle yet spicy blend of patchouli and amber and other wonderful things. It is not flowery and not overpowering. The reed diffusers are a little pricey but they last a long time and are available in 2 sizes. I was a bit nervous at first ordering 16 oz glass bottles of perfumed oil in the mail, but their packaging and shipping is excellent. I have had the larger bottle last about 9 months. I flip my reeds about once a month. Just ask the Mr.

Although they are a US company, I first "found" Alora when we went to Barcelona two years ago. We stayed in a magnificent B&B right in the heart of Barcelona called The 5 Rooms. A very hip yet refined retreat. Highly recommended. When we walked in the front door a wonderful ambiance greeted us in the form of the most incredible interior design, a welcoming hostess named Jessica and a captivating aroma from the large reed diffuser in the small lobby. The first moment I had after we settled in, I inspected that bottle closely, made a note in my journal and then ordered as soon as we returned home. I have ordered several diffusers since then---I love the special holiday blend called "festa" (great orange-spice scent) and love the little sampler kit they send with orders over $100.

Oh, by the way....I did try the Honey Latte as promised in last Friday's post.....I tried it even after the Barista told me it was "disgusting"......well, it wasn't quite disgusting--it was different. Honey shouldn't really fool around with coffee....honey should stay faithful to tea. If it wants to have a fling now and then- maybe peanut butter.....but definitely not coffee. That's just wrong.

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