Monday, March 10, 2008

Time for a Change

I don't care for Daylight Savings Time. It throws me off schedule and messes up the routine of my day. It usually takes me a full week to adjust and during that week my sleeping time is off and my days feel unsettled. I particularly do not like the "Spring ahead" time change. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter so when the time change in Spring comes around, I am sad that my seasons are coming to an end. I always eagerly anticipate the "Fall back" time change knowing that Fall and Winter are on the way, but the actual time difference throws me off then, too. The Wudgie seems to have inherited my dislike of time changes---she's struggling with getting her schedule back on track, too.

I love this clock. Its a Howard Miller (Herman's son I think) new classic. It is in our family room and the regular swing of the little pendulum nub is mesmerizing.

Check out this fun clock. Amazing writing and erasing of seconds as they tick by.

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