Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cat Ciao

A real Italian cat. Gatto. He was sleep-standing in the doorway to a ceramics shop in a tiny alley in Sorrento. I think he even meow-ed in Italian. Something like "Meowccini-bella".

I miss my cat so. She has been gone just over a year now. She was such a good cat. A grand old dame with lots of personality and hutzpah. Even the Mr. loved her and he wasn't even a cat person. She came along with all my baggage when we first met the Mr. He just tolerated her and then he fell in love with her. Funny, he fell in love with me then and now he just tolerates me.


Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest picture! I love it!

From Cheb, a cat person...(how can anyone NOT be?)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo.

I know a nice kitty you can have.

Anonymous said...

My kitty is French, she comes to me for affection only when I ignore her


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