Friday, March 21, 2008

Get Bento

I have discovered a new universe named Bento . And it all comes in a box. To say bento boxes are Japanese lunchboxes is an understatement. The art of bento transforms lunch (or whatever meal) into a clever masterpiece. Complete with special paper dividers to keep sweet from savory, neat little cups to hold portions together and little sauce bottles for salad dressing or soy sauce or balsamic vinegar or whiskey or gin or name your poison. Here's a photo of a bento lunch:
Notice the variety of foods in the trays. They stack on top of each other and make into a neat little portable box. Wouldn't this encourage you to eat a healthier lunch?

I love the incredible selection of bento accessories. I ordered some today from ebay and can't wait to use them! Google "bento accessories" and check out the many sites that offer picks, papers, cups, bottles and other miniature items for packing a bento box. Lots of Hello Kitty bento things (for me- not so much Hello Kitty) and other Japanese inspired favorites like these:

They look like cupcake liner papers but are really little paper holders for handfuls of grapes or cherry tomatoes or anything that takes up a tiny corner of your bento box.

There is a whole community of Flickr sites where people show off their daily bento efforts and blogs like Lunch In A Box that posts recipes, tutorials and product reviews all about bento-ing.

Once my shiny red bento box and cute accessories arrive, I'll post photos of my creations. I know you can't wait.

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