Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blithering Genius

About 2 weeks ago, a 17 month old toddler named Elizabeth Barrett appeared on the Today show and amazed the show's hosts and viewers by reading cue cards and other written materials that everyone swears she had not seen before. It was incredible. Apparently her parents, both speech specialists, used sign language with little Elizabeth from the day she was born and they engage her in a lot of other activities to nurture her linguistic development. They did not teach her to read, however. But she does. And has since she was 13 months old. AND she reads cursive, too-- much to Ann Curry's surprise. Experts feel she has some kind of genetic superiority when it comes to visual perception and visual memory. She was born with super powers for reading. And she's adorable.

The Wudgie is also 17 months old. And adorable. She has a genetic predisposition for being a normal toddler that plays with her food and loves the word "blither". Listen for genetically demented grandparents in the background provoking nurturing certain behaviors.


Carly said...

Good to know my almost 18 month old is a typical toddler like the wudgie! I seriously can't fathem having my daughter put words together to form a sentence, let alone read one.

Anonymous said...

The Wudgie is special and brillant and well adjusted.

Raise your hand if you think that other kid will be strung out on drugs on a clock tower with an AR-15 when she is 19.


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