Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mug Shots

File this under totally mostly useless things to make that will probably never be used. I just love these mug cozies. In fact, I was so excited today to see my favorite mug cozy pattern of all offered FREE at the Knitting Daily website. But only for the next 30 days- so rush on over there. Want to know how obsessed I am with making this and how thrilled I was to see this offered for free today? Sure you do. A few months ago I was so intent on knitting this garter stitch wonder that I tracked down the designer. I cyber-stalked emailed her incessantly once, begging for the pattern. She was so adamant kind in her response. She explained to me that she had sold the pattern to Interweave (parent company of the Knitting Daily site) and they had printed it in their holiday issue. There are no more holiday issues to be had. As much as she wanted to, she could not offer the pattern to anyone and Interweave would not reprint. Until now! Yay!

Here's another beautiful mug cozy with pattern offered for sale here.

And another photo of a clever sleeve to slip on your favorite 'bucks beverage.

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Anonymous said...

They are neat, but I am not. I fear my sleeve would always be stained.


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