Monday, March 31, 2008

On a 3 day Gender Bender

This says it all right now.

His past 3 days: Leisurely drive to the Keys on his motorcycle with friends. Shenanigans and hijinks for 2 days and 2 nights. Leisurely drive home from Keys. Go to work. Play 9 holes of golf at friend's country club.

Her past 3 days: Babysit toddler with premature terrible 2's syndrome. For 2 days straight. Laundry. Lots. Household errands including: garbage set out and retrieval, pick up paint for touch ups in family room, replace special halogen light bulbs that take much more than just a turn of the base into the socket. More laundry. Grocery shopping and homemade soup making. Two classes worth of case analysis, quiz studying and discussion contributions. Answering questions from him like "whats the matter with you?" and this classic jewel: "so, did you enjoy your time alone while I was away?"

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