Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not So Cardbored

I was running early for my class last night (remember, I am this) so I stopped in the bookstore for a few minutes. I was fascinated by these recycled cardboard vases/pencil holders/"things". They were very Slinky-ish and I couldn't put one down. Until I saw the price. $26. Called "liquid cardboard" and made of that honeycomb packing type stuff, they were really neat. Did I mention they cost $26?

The company that makes them, Cardboard Design, also sells cardboard furniture- tables and shelves- but at a much more reasonable cost of about $150 for a large desk.

Check out this crazy cardboard chandelier made by Anneke Jakobs of the Netherlands...out of Chiquita banana boxes.

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Anonymous said...

The bookstore where I work received these liquid cardboard vase things just a couple of days ago. You're right, they're fascinating. But $26.00 is outrageous; my customers might pay $7.99.

I'll just bide my time and wait for them to show up in the 75%-off sale and then make a purchase.

I'm also concerned about an advertising picture I saw with the vase thing holding a candle, since it is fabricated out of sheets of paper which I suppose are quite flammable.

- - Dave Barber

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