Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Heart Anchovies

I am the one. I am the one person you probably know that loves anchovies. No one else I know even likes them. I prefer them cured in olive oil and even will eat them from the little tins with the roll up lids. When we traveled to Italy, we were served fresh anchovies marinated in lemon juice. They were definitely different and very sour from the fresh lemon juice. I love anchovy paste and how it seasons sauces and dressings with just a squeeze from the tube. I love anchovies in Ceaser salad and criss-crossed on that fabulous French pizza called pissaladiere.

When I was growing up, I loved to have dinner at Ann Schroeder's house. Ann's mother was straight from Finland and cooked authentic Finnish meals. Ann's mother was a beautiful tall and slender platinum blond with a thick accent. She was quiet and reserved and their home was decorated in what then was called "Danish modern" style. I now know it was clever Scandinavian contemporary and was very sleek with clean and simple lines. She would cook fried smelts and I would eat them like french fries. I loved the crunchy coating on the outside and didn't mind the tiny little bones that were a part of every bite.

Here's a great article about anchovies, that very misunderstood little fishy fish. And here's a recipe for fried smelts. I wonder if you can still find them for sale in the frozen fish aisle or if I have to go to Finland for some. My next dream vacation is to go to the "motherland" (Norway for me) and eat lots of smelts and lignonberries and visit the Dale of Norway factory!

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