Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Grand Mother Lode

The time has finally come when my name is being selected for me. By a 19 month old. I am no longer the Grammie. As in adults saying "give Grammie a hug" or "let's go to Grammie's house". Now it is the voice of a little tiny person screaming "MAMIE" as in "Mamie beans please" when someone wants jelly beans. "MAMIE UP" when someone no longer wishes their feet to touch the floor. For hours on end.

The sweetest part of this is that Mamie is actually a legacy name. And the Wudgie didn't even know it. Or did she? Mamie was my great-grandmother's name and we all called her that. Her sisters, my mother, me, everyone. Four generations later and here is Mamie again. I like it.

We have a history of twisting around grandmother names in my family. I called my maternal grandmother "Momup". We think the logic there was she was "sort of like my Mom and was always with Pop (my grandfather)" so: Momup. And Momup she was through the years and through 2 brothers after me and our children, too. Wudgie's mother calls her grandmother (my mother) "Ghee". Just like clarified butter. I think she started out as Gram but that morphed into Ghee with the help of a little tiny pink rosebud mouth.

Here's a list of cute grandmother nicknames. Have any in your family?

I took this photo just a few minutes ago in the morning light. I love the texture of the rose petals. It reminds me of soft and crepey grandmother skin. And yes, just like mine.

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melissa said...

My sister's kids call their grandmother "mere-mere" (pronounced mir, mir) from the French grand-mere.

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