Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the Money

I am fascinated with bears. I sometimes dream about bears. In my dreams they are a menacing presence but I am mesmerized by them and not afraid. I am not sure what this means (I also frequently dream of seeing funnel clouds in the distance. Lots of turbulence in my night time adventures!).

I have taken a few trips to Alaska and other prime bear country places and have never seen one. Yet. I am hoping another trip to eastern Canada planned for this fall will produce at least one sighting. Maybe then I'll have some rest at night.

Here's a photo taken while rafting in Alaska. The dollar bill shows the scale of this huge bear paw in the wet sand. The claw marks were so deep in the sand and there were much smaller tracks along side. Momma and her baby.
We probably just missed seeing this giant on the shore. I did have the feeling though that this big bear was watching us from the forest just a few hundred yards away. I wonder if she's dreaming of me right now.

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