Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Basket Case

I have a thing for baskets and picnic baskets especially. I love picnic food and the idea of making food and drink portable to places where it can be consumed "out of the norm" yet in comfort. In other words, I like to eat and drink outside with all the "niceties" of inside (napkins, flatware, glasses, etc).

I think outfitted picnic baskets make lovely wedding gifts. Here is a traditional English style picnic hamper that would make a great gift. Looks like tea and scones on the lawn, doesn't it?

Not really a basket but rather a tote, this clever bag is made of astroturf, lined with red and white gingham and includes cutlery in the outside pocket.

I love this little felt picnic set found here on Etsy. The banana even slides out of the jacket and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come apart. I know a little girl that would LOVE this (are you listening, Santa?). Just needs little felt ants and you are all set to pretend picnic.

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Heather Moore said...

Hi Stevi
Thanks so much for entering the draw for the Heath Ceramics bag. I'm sorry you didn't win, but it's been great fun for me to meet a whole lot of my readers and see their lovely blogs!
Best wishes,

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