Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watch This!

I love quirky movies. Little Miss Sunshine and even Fargo are two of my favorites. And now I have a new fave, Lars and the Real Girl. It's been out for a couple of years but I just heard about it a few weeks ago and have already watched it 3 times (something very unusual for me).

When I first read about the film and found out the "Real Girl" was actually an internet-purchased blow-up doll, well, you know what I thought. Be assured, this little gem of a movie doesn't go there. At all. It's sweet and compelling and funny and beautiful. The cinematography is incredible and makes midwest winters look almost inviting.

My favorite characters in the movie (aside from Lars and his real girl) are Dr. Dagmar and Karen. Both are witty and compassionate and played by wonderful actresses, Patricia Clarkson and Emily Mortimer.

Lars and the Real Girl is available on Netflix so add it to your queue and then let me know what you think after you have seen it once or twice or three times.

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