Friday, July 18, 2008

Orange + White = Yellllow

I mentioned Tommy the magnificent cat here before and promised more about him. My youngest brother has an innate ability to "find" lost and stray animals- especially baby animals. And even now that he is a middle-aged man with his own family and home, most of his "finds" end up with my parents. That's pretty much Tommy's story. Brother found Tommy as a tiny kitten clinging to a rock wall next to a very busy interstate highway. He somehow spotted the orange and white fluff ball as he was whizzing by at 80 mph. Seven years later with my mother's nurturing, Tommy is one of the most splendid cats I have ever known. Even his vet remarks every time he sees him (think very deep southern drawl from Dr. Kevin): "Mah oh mah he sure is one fah-hine boyeeee". And he has seen a lot of cats.

Tommy has a lot of names, too. He's Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy TomTom, Mr. Man, and when he is in touch with his feminine side, has even been Thomasina.

Tommy is huge and has a real presence wherever he goes. He probably weighs around 20 pounds and has very luxurious fur. Whenever I see him I am always amazed over how white his white fur is. And his orange color is rich and deep. Did you know that most orange and white cats are males?

When Tommy gets anxious (like when he is in the cat carrier going to see Dr. Kevin) he cries out very disctictly. What does he say? The big orange and white guy says "Yellllllow".

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