Wednesday, August 20, 2008


and iLoveit. I love my new iPhone 3G. I have always been a borderline gadget junkie and geek wannabe. I put off the iPhone because of other cell phone contracts, new product worries, etc. but finally took the plunge last Saturday. So glad I did except after my visit to the local Apple store, now I want all things Mac. Oh those ultra thin keyboards.

The coolest things on my iP right now are the Koi Pond and Campfire applications. The colors, movement and sound of the apps are incredible. Even the Wudgie begs to play with the Koi Pond so she can "chase the fishies".

A big thanks to my blog friends who left kind caring messages about our wellbeing. We fared quite well as Fay never made it to hurricane strength before she landed. The storm center passed about 20 miles south of here and left us with some much needed ground moisture. And my iPhone worked through the whole thing.

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