Monday, August 18, 2008

Ready or Not

We are right in the projected path of Hurricane Fay. Yet another reason I don't particularly care for Summer. Hurry Fall.

We are ready, though. Here's all my orchid "babies" in the garage. Note the Mister's "baby" there to the right. It's a Geezer Glide and it's purple.

As my sister-in-law pointed out yesterday, we are the only house around where our hurricane shutters match the color of our house. We call it "prepared, with style".

See you on the other side of 70 mph winds and 10 inches of rain!


heidi said...

Good luck! I remember the stress of hurricane prep very well from our years in South Florida. Keep us posted!

Eileen said...

be safe- my sister and family lives
in Daytona Beach.

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