Monday, November 10, 2008

I Clean Out:You Clean Up!

TIMES UP! Way to go C and Eileen! We'll post winner(s) later today! :)

I love contests. I hardly ever win. Although I did manage a good haul a bingo recently! I was taking stock of holiday "stuff" tucked away in closets this weekend and remembered that I had ordered TWO of these wonderful ornament kits from Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy. I cut one out yesterday and quickly realized that I will never get to the second set this year. I could put it away for next year, but I then either A. Will never find it or B. Be distracted by some other project by then.

So here's my idea:

Leave a comment telling me what your holiday project(s) are this year and I will randomly select a winner using that random integer generator thingy! If you are the winner, I will ask you to email me your name and address and I will quickly ship this unopened ornament kit off to you so that you can start on it before December! Be sure to leave your comment before 8 AM EST on Thursday, November 13. One posting/entry per person seems most fair. To see whats included in the kit or if you don't want to take a chance on a contest and have to have one of these or the many other wonderful things Alicia makes, visit here.

Thank you for helping me clean out my stash---if this works, there will be more!

Photo courtesy of Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy.


C. Francis 1714 said...

My Christmas project is painting on sand dollars that I have collected all year at the beach. I turn the sand dollar into Santa's face. The large oval in the bottom center is actually Santa's mouth after I trim it in red. They are great to use as small Christmas tokens, gift tags, or hand out just for fun.

Eileen said...

My youngest daughter (16) and I are making a Christmas tree skirt out of felt- we seen one in a magazine and will tweak it to be our own.I made one for my oldest daughter a few years ago. This I will give to my youngest- it will be her 1st thing for her "hope" chest.Needless to say would love to win and make them and hang them on our little tree this year. They look so cute ! Thanks for the chance and sharing.

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