Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote Goes to....HC from WS!

I love Hot Chocolate (HC). I don't drink it a lot , probably because I really love coffee and I really have a hard time finding good HC mixes. Most mixes tell you to add water (yuk) and even if you add hot milk, it still isn't very rich. The HC recipe made from Hersheys cocoa powder is OK, but rather involved. Besides, I am still miffed at Hersheys over this.

I went to Williams-Sonoma the other day with the intention of buying a potato ricer (made the best mashed potatoes ever that night) and their turkey gravy base that I use every year for Thanksgiving. Check and check. Then I spotted this HC and decided to try it. OMG. It's pricey, but for a special treat on a chilly night, OMG. Here's what WS says about it:

"Hot chocolate is a distinctly different sip than hot cocoa. Inspired by the famed Café Angélina in Paris, where steaming pots of velvety hot chocolate are served with bowls of whipped cream alongside, ours is intensely chocolatey. We make it from shavings of premium chocolate rather than cocoa powder to yield a well-rounded body, rich taste, smooth texture and exquisite aroma. The chocolate is an artisanal bittersweet variety by Guittard, San Francisco chocolate makers since the 19th century. It liquefies quickly and consistently in hot milk."

Here's my commentary: The chocolate flakes are what does it. Just be careful if you touch them as they are so fine that they melt immediately from your body heat and get smeary all over everything. And I never realized that there was a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa. And oh yeah, one sip and I went to Paris and San Francisco!

It just hit me that this is yet another post with reference to chocolate this week. Subconscious theme of the week.

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