Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Fine Mesh Mess

My kitchen gadget drawer is a big mess. And here's proof. The canning jar picker upper-thing is entwined with the microplane is connected to the sandwich crimper is mingled with the egg slicer is conjoined with the fine mesh strainer and so on and so on.

Got a drawer like this? Got gadgets galore?

Take this quiz that tests your kitchen gadget knowledge. And here's a great blog that highlights some new and unusual housewares and kitchen contraptions.

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Eileen said...

Very interesting blog- haven't taken the "test" on the other one yet. They say should put all your cooking utensils in a box and at the end of a month see what you use and decide what to get rid of. Haven't done that yet either- but thinking about it. Now for something hot to drink-coffee, tea- hot chocolate-something.

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