Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Red Thread

One of my friends at work is going to China in the next few weeks to pick up her adopted baby girl. Following a Chinese tradition, the new mom-to-be is making a "quilt of 100 wishes" for little Megan...asking all of her friends to supply a 9x9 piece of special cotton fabric for a quilt and a small piece of the fabric and a wish that will then be made into a scrapbook so Megan can see how great the anticipation and excitement was when she joined her new family and circle of friends.

I chose this playful fabric loaded with little fish and then embroidered the Chinese symbol for "daughter" on the cotton. In red. Chinese people consider red a very lucky color---especially for children. I then found a great Chinese legend about how a red thread connects those destined to meet and how that thread may twist and knot but will never be broken. I printed that out and machine-sewed a long red thread on a 12x12 scrapbook page, connecting two fabric hearts.

Remember the whole Madonna wearing the red thread around her wrist Kabbalah craze a few years ago? I wonder how that worked out for her.....

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