Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wilton Away

I am one class away from "graduating" from Course 1 of the "Wilton Way" of cake decorating.  The Wilton Way is not my way.  I just can't get past all the Crisco in the frosting.  It's awful. My kitchen seems coated in this slimy film that no amount of boiling water will clean. And the decorating style? Ugh. Scary clowns mocking me and refusing to sit up straight, fake colors that end up looking like blobs of Aquafresh toothpaste and that cloying sweet beyond belief greasy frosting. 

Now THIS is the kind of cake I want to make (Nikole at Forty Sixth at Grace):

1 comment:

Nichi said...

Wow... maybe they have a lifetime contract with the maker of those clown heads... so they continue to teach people to make them in order to diminish the supply they have in their warehouses.

When you switch to real butter cream you will be much happier.

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