Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Things

Yesterday I sort of admitted that I don't like Spring. And Summer. Now I am feeling guilty because while I don't like the weather usually associated with Spring, I do like the treats that Spring brings like new blossoms, baby birds and of course, Easter candy. Here are a few bits of eye candy I have seen around the Internet:

I love these little paper boxes from A Little Hut. Download the template at their site for just a few dollars and create these adorable little jelly bean holders for a special Spring treat.

Easter egg crafts with yarn are usually crocheted. These are knitted eggs- very unusual. Using cotton yarns in wonderful color combinations, these knitted little "egg socks" fit over a plastic egg. The pattern is free from a wonderful site called Little Cotton Rabbits based out of the UK.

I love Godiva's new Spring packaging. It's so fresh and inviting. Really convinces me that I want to eat that chocolate. As if.

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