Friday, March 6, 2009


These are weird but fascinating. The next Crocs maybe? Created by the inventor of the Vibram traction sole, these Fivefingers "shoes" replicate walking barefoot but provide traction, protection and even some models keep sand out.

The website lists all the models for running, yoga and other sports and I think I have seen in reviews that they are about $80 a pair (thats $8 per toe according to my supermath skills).

I drive half barefoot most of the time. I have anxiety about scuffing up the back of my right foot shoe when I wear heels so off it comes when I get behind the wheel. Contrary to what several people have tried to scold me with over the years, it's NOT against the law. Scuffed heels and poorly maintained footwear are a crime however.


Nichi said...

These are so weird! I dont think I could stand the bits between my toes...icky!

Eileen said...

Did you get the rocking chair?

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